McLaren Speedtail Revealed

First Look at the Stunning 2019 McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Diecast modelsIn this video from Shmee150 Tim takes us on walkaround tour of the brand new McLaren Speedtail hypercar.

Featuring a hybrid powertrain (exact details yet to be revealed) which develops over 1,000 HP the Speedtail can accelerate from 0-300 km/h (186 mph) in 12.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 403 km/h (250 mph).

Want to buy one? If you have a spare £2,100,000 (in the UK) you could park one in your garage. Only problem is you’ll need to have already put in your order because of the 106 units McLaren plan to manufacture all have been sold. Damn!

McLaren Speedtail First Look
McLaren Speedtail First Look

In this video Tim from Shmee150 takes us on a walkaround tour of the McLaren Speedtail.